Mars Protocol
Protocol Overview
The repository for the core protocol can be found here:​

Core Contracts

Core contracts determine the functionality of the lending protocol and its management through governance and related tokenomics.
Red Bank
Handles user depositing/borrowing and holds protocol's liquidity
Fields of Mars
A leveraged yield farming strategy utilizing contract-to-contract (C2C) lending from Mars Protocol.
maToken is a modified cw20 that is minted in representation of a deposited asset. Each deposited asset has a corresponding instance of the maToken and accumulate interest in the way that they are redeemable for an ever-increasing amount of their underlying asset
Address Provider
Holds addresses of the main contracts of the core protocol
Handles submission, voting, and execution of proposals. As protocol becomes stable, the Council will be the admin of all protocol contracts and have privileges to update most params
Manage MARS incentives for maToken holders (depositors)
Safety Fund
Receives protocol fees that are kept in order to be spent in case of a shortfall event
Receives protocol fees that are kept in order to be spent in campaigns that are submitted and approved by the council
MARS Token
Standard cw20. Mars holders can stake mars to receive xMARS and be able to vote and earn protocol fees
xMARS Token
Cw20 with added snapshot functionality in order to compute voting power for proposals. xMARS are minted by the Staking contract when addresses stake MARS
Provides prices in uusd for assets used in the protocol
Protocol Rewards Collector
Receives and distributes protocol fees
Handles the staking of MARS and the minting of xMARS
Handles vesting for contributor token allocations and their voting power for council proposals
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