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Mars Protocol Docs

Discover the autonomous credit protocol of the Cosmos universe


Explore the outposts of Mars. Discover ways to deepen your understanding, whether you are a DeFi enthusiast, a validator, or a seasoned trader looking to expand your proficiency.

Mars Hub

Deep dive into the Cosmos-SDK appchain that administers activity on Mars’ intergalactic outposts.

Mars v2

Abandon centralized exchanges and ride Mars’ new generalised credit primitive called Rover.


Beginner guides to Mars Protocol with Martian-approved step-by-step screenshots.


Expand your developer skills and explore the exciting realm of Mars Protocol's code base with detailed explanations and tutorials.


Interact with Mars' function via the terminal or scripts.


Overview of all Martian smart contracts.

Contracts API

Interact with Mars' contracts directly through the smart contracts API.


Insights and details on Mars' liquidation bot.


Discover how to become an active community member of the Mars Protocol governing body, the Martian Council, and help steer the future of Mars.

Martian Council

Mars Protocol’s governing body.

Mars Improvement Proposal Framework

The blueprint that empowers Council participants to submit and approve on-chain governance proposals.

Mars Risk Framework

A framework for determining the risk parameters associated with assets and credit lines on Mars.

On-chain Submission

Submit a proposal on-chain and take it to a vote.


Learn how to become a node operator, relayer, or validator on Mars Hub.

Node Operators