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Welcome to Mars

Welcome Martians! 🔴

Mars is a credit protocol for the future: decentralized, self-sovereign, inter-chain, non-custodial, open-sourced, transparent, algorithmic, and community-governed.

Like existing credit protocols, Mars' "Red Bank" facilitates overcollateralized loans with a two-slope interest rate model (similar to Aave or Compound). In addition, Mars brings outstanding improvements in Contract-to-Contract (C2C) lending, allowing for smart contracts that are whitelisted to borrow assets from Mars liquidity pools collateralized by the whitelisted contracts' own assets rather than being collateralized by Red Bank deposits. These credit lines power Mars’ credit accounts ("rovers"), giving end users access to leverage when interacting with other Mars-compatible DeFi protocols' smart contracts.

To achieve this vision, Mars smart contracts must be deployed on a highly performant, decentralized platform offering a thriving DeFi ecosystem with many potential integrations and demand for leverage. Rather than selecting a single platform, Mars should be present on multiple chains ("Outposts"), wherever there’s demand for liquidity. Crucially, Mars should be present on these chains natively, because a competitive DeFi experience requires atomic, synchronous composability, which cannot be achieved by cross-chain calls.

This is the rationale that underpins the Mars Hub and Outpost topology illustrated below. Each Outpost is an integrated DeFi experience native to a specific chain that connects to the Mars Hub - a Cosmos SDK chain.

The motivation behind Mars is simple: To become the leading DeFi credit protocol serving both individual users and dApps. We aim to seed life on a new planet… one that takes the best of the old world and uses it to build something radically new.