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Originally launched on Terra Classic, Mars Protocol has deployed Mars Hub: a new blockchain in the Cosmos galaxy. MARS token holders on Terra Classic as of two previously-announced snapshot dates can now claim MARS tokens directly on Mars Hub and help shape the future of the galaxy's most powerful borrowing and lending protocol.

Who qualifies for the upcoming airdrop?


Terra Classic $MARS holders as of two historical snapshot dates:

  • Block 7544910 (May 7, 2022)
  • Block 7816580 (May 28, 2022)

How will MARS be divided between the two snapshot groups?


Of the existing circulating MARS supply, 50% is going to MARS and xMARS holders in Snapshot 1, and 50% to MARS and xMARS holders in Snapshot 2.

When will the airdrop go live?


MARS tokens will be made claimable by eligible addresses via an airdrop that goes live with the launch of mainnet on January 31.

What is the total supply of MARS tokens and how much will be airdropped?


The total supply remains unchanged at 1 billion. ~66.6 million tokens will be unlocked and made claimable by those who held MARS during either of the two historical snapshots taken on Terra Classic, and the circulating supply will reflect the total number of tokens that are claimed.

How can I claim the Airdrop?


Eligible recipients will be able to access their tokens via Terra’s new interchain wallet, Station. Simply install the latest version of Station on Chrome and use the wallet address where you previously held MARS on Terra Classic to connect to Mars Hub. Your MARS tokens will automatically appear upon generation of your Mars Hub address.

Which wallets are compatible with Terra Classic and can be used to claim the airdrop?


Currently, eligible users can claim their airdrop using the latest version of Station which can be downloaded via your browser extension store or follow the guide on

Where can I check if I'm eligible for the Mars airdrop?


You can check your MARS airdrop eligibility now by changing your Station network to “testnet.” For detailed information on checking your airdrop, please read this transmission.

I was staking MARS for xMARS. Will this be included in the airdrop?


Yes. For xMARS holders, their airdrop will be calculated using the xMARS:MARS ratio at each snapshot. For example, if you hold 10 xMARS, and the exchange ratio was 1 xMARS = 1.1 MARS, then you will be credited the same amount of the new MARS tokens as if you held 11 MARS at the time of the snapshot.

I have another question regarding my airdrop. Where can I get additional assistance?


Please create a support ticket in the Mars Discord with your Terra Classic address and as much information as possible at