Mars Protocol
The Vision
The growth of projects and apps on Terra is like watching six years of Ethereum development get compressed into the span of a few months. A foundational credit protocol will spur Terra’s transition from Terra 1.0’s experimental phase to Terra 2.0’s push for mass adoption.
Built on the Cosmos SDK, Terra apps like Mars can get integrated with Wormhole v2 or other interoperability protocols that could expand Mars' reach onto other blockchains. We believe that the next generation of DeFi protocols will not be siloed on a single chain, but accessible from multiple chains; thus, Terra is the ideal homebase to provide flexibility for potential cross-chain uses of Mars.
Together, we aim to build the leading DeFi credit protocol; becoming the lender of choice for both consumers and dApps. We hope the vision we describe inspires teams across the space to join us and help contribute to Mars Protocol.
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