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NFT Credit Accounts

Rover credit accounts will be represented as NFTs, and a wallet may hold several distinct rovers, similar to the “sub-account” experience familiar to users of centralised exchanges. This opens up a range of potential use cases including:

  • Identity: Credit accounts could expose on-chain net worth, health factor, and P&L, giving them the potential to contribute to on-chain identity and enabling social features such as leaderboards, ‘whale-watching’, copy-trading, etc.
  • Transfer/Sale: Users could sell or transfer their credit account to another user, including all positions within it.
  • Fractionalisation: Users could fractionalise their credit account into fungible pieces and sell or distribute them through a smart contract. Provided appropriate governance controls are put in place, this could allow other users to effectively own a share of a given user’s trading activity and a secondary marketplace could be created for these fractionalised shares.
  • On-chain behaviour and competence: Could be tracked for credit scoring.